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Post by Mara on Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:47 pm

Original 10 year old made poem under spoiler.
The other world is only a world if you truly believe,
no it's not like the tooth fairy or easter bunny,
Santa Claus or any.
The other world is another world, unknown to the human eye,
The other world is a different world meant for you and I.
The other world is a different world, for those who only believe,
where people greet you with open arms and strange species unatural,
they fly on clouds and when you ask what they are,
they just pass on by and giggle to themselves.
The other world is a secret world,
I doubt you'd know it anyhow.

It only exists to you and me,
the others they just don't believe.
Tell them about the other world,
see what they will say.
They say things like
"You're crazy" or "What do you mean?"

The other world is for daydreamers,
or so it is said.
People won't understand you,
unless they truly believe.
No I won't give you a bell that rings that only believers hear,
but if you do believe just tell me,
and you will see that the other world is really there,
Imagination goes a long way if you truly know how to use it, you see.
The official name I lied about,
for it is called The Land of Dreams.

The other world is only a world if you truly believe.
It's not like any fairy tale, myth, legend, or dream.
The other world is stranger world, unbeknownst not to you nor I.
Perhaps if you thought a bit, then you would know why.

The other world is a different world,
nothing like the one you know.
There are curious creatures lurking about,
just waiting for the time to put on a show.

The other world is not a cruel world,
though you can't make any mistakes.
Play your cards right and you'll never need to fight,
instead consider the companions you make.

The other world is only an escape,
just time away from life.
Please remember that, my friend
No need to be at strife.

The other world is only a nighttime away,
simply close your eyes and you will see.
For the name I've said is not true at all,
it's really called the Land of Dreams.


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