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The little cake who loved Empty The little cake who loved

Post by Alina_Mau on Fri May 18, 2012 7:35 pm

There was once a very small witch who lived in a strawberry patch. She was a very lonely witch since she was the only one of her size. One day she decided to make a strawberry cake but some magic powder fell into the cake batter!

"Oh dear! I guess I'll just make the cake anyway, maybe the magic will make him talk so I won't be so alone."
So the witch continued to bake and decorate her strawberry cake. Sitting at the table looking at it she waited.

"Hmm, well if the cake is magic I can't exactly eat it. I guess I'll give it a name at least though."
After some thought the witch decided to name the cake Bob, it seemed like a rather manly cake after all. Hours passed and yet still bob said nothing.

Eventually the witch went to bed with no more than the words "Even if you could talk you're far too small to be good company!"
That night the cake grew to the size of a large building crushing both the witch and the strawberry patch with him!
Bob now sat alone out in the distant field, wishing he had a friend he discovered he could talk and sing and made many critter friends. Even children from the nearest village enjoyed his singing and no one ate bob. He befriended a particularly nice boy who was very fond of the cake because it never made fun of his ridiculous face.

"Why do you always get sad at sunset, Bob?", the boy asked one day.

"I don't know", said Bob. "I just always feel like I'm missing something.'

"Maybe you should meet a cupcake! My dad is a baker after all," the ridiculous faced boy suggested cheerfully.
Bob began to cry loudly, despite his lack of eyes...or a mouth for that matter.

"I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!" Bob sobbed wildly and the little boy said that he promised to bring Bob the loveliest cupcake he could find.
The next day the boy arrived with a chocolate cupcake.

"I'm sorry ridiculous faced boy, that cupcake is too dark for me."

"That's ok Bob, I'll find you the best cupcake ever!"

The next day the boy arrived with a carrot cupcake.

"I know I have fruit boy, but carrots make me nervous!"

"Oh no! We can't have that, I'll take it back right away!"

The next day came and went and once again the cupcake began to try at sunset, for today not even ridiculous faced boy came to see him.

"BOB, BOB! Dad did it! Dad made the best cupcake yet!"

The boy ran up to bob with a small vanilla white cupcake with cream cheese frosting and red, heart-shaped sprinkles.

"WOW, she's perfect!"

"You really like her? She's all yours! But Bob, she's so small, what can we do?"

"Shut up ridiculous faced boy! We should put a piece of my strawberries on her, maybe the magic will rub off!"

The boy plucks of a piece of strawberry and gently places it ontop of the pretty little cupcake. All of a sudden the cupcake began to shimmer and suddenly grew giant, crushing ridiculous faced boy in the process!

"Who are you?" the pretty cupcake asked.

"I'm Bob, what's your name?"

"I don't have a name yet stupid, why am I not in my shop anymore? Does this mean that I will never be bought by someone who loves me? Why was I brought here?"

"Ridiculous faced boy brought you here because I was lonely, I wanted a beautiful cupcake to be with and I chose you!"

"Why did you never consider what I wanted!? I want to be in my shop where I can go home with a little child that loves me!"

That day forward the two baked goods sat side by side in the field, both sad for their own reasons. The children didn't come anymore and the critters didn't want to play anymore either.

One day a rather hungry giant walked by and found the two baked goods and decided to take them home. He left the cake on a table next to a very large knife, with the cupcake in his hand as he walked off.

"Hi, I'm Bob," he said nervously.

".....I'm Cutler. You shouldn't talk to me though...."

"Why, you seem pretty nice....and shiney, I like that about you," Bob said shyly.

".....thanks, but I tend to hurt people."

"It's ok, I'm used to being alone, that cupcake was made to be with me but she never loved me and I crushed the woman who made me," Bob sadly said.

"R-really? I didn't think anyone knew what that was like."

"You mean you've killed someone you cared about? I'm sorry....That must have been hard for you.'

"I think....I think I'll be ok if you're with me.'
Bob and Cutler fell in love and even planned on running away together so they would never be apart but the giant had finished eating the cupcake and he was on his way. The giant grabbed cutler and began to cut Bob.

"I'm so sorry Bob please forgive meeee!"


The giant continued to cut the cake into pieces till Bob was silent. The silence that followed was only filled with the sobbing of Cutler. The knife, overwhelmed with grief, cut the giant and threw himself into the kitchen fireplace, being with Bob forever.

That is what we always see though, us cake plates. We're used to these things, love and loss. It's alright though, soon I'll see a new cake and learn of a new love. Thank you for listening to my tale.

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The little cake who loved Empty Re: The little cake who loved

Post by Moisturizer on Fri May 18, 2012 7:42 pm

Once upon a time there was a girl who baked a cake so beautiful that everyone thought it would be a shame to eat it. After hearing this so many times, his arrogance made the cake come to life. "Indeed," he thought to himself "eating me would be a crime, since it would take a piece of beauty from this world." But after a while he turned afraid that he would turn sour, and the person who ate him would be disappointed. "So be it, then" he thought "let them eat me, but when I'm eaten, let it be by a beautiful person." He had been around his baker for a while now, who was a pretty beautiful girl. "Oh," he thought, "if I'm eaten, let it be by those beautiful lips." Sad he was to learn that the girl was actually betrothed to a man, it made him a little jealous. But when it turned out that the man was actually the one she had made him, the cake, for, he was furious! But alas, he was just a cake, there was nothing he could do about it. So when the man finally took a bite, he was happy to find out that all this time he had actually been a poisonous cake Very Happy THE END

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The little cake who loved Empty Re: The little cake who loved

Post by Mara on Fri May 18, 2012 7:46 pm

Once upon a time, there was a giant cake. His name was Herman Dacaq. But everyone always just called him "Giant cake dude." Little did they know, Herman was actually a MAGICAL giant cake. That didn't really mean anything though, because he couldn't use his wand or anything.. because he didn't have arms.. but that's not the point! The one thing in the world that Herman always wanted ways this girl, Hermione.
A little bit about Hermione, even though you already know her. She left the hawt ginger dude named Ron, causing him to become gay for the old man Saruman. So Harry was all like "You suck for leaving my best buddy! I would totally hook up with you though since we are both main characters even thought that would break the guy code, but I'm with your ex boyfriend's sister. SO BECOME A CAKE AND DIE ALONE. *Cakushermius!*
Herman always watched Hermione-cake wherever she went since that day. Even though she never really did anything.. because she was a cupcake. So, Herman was kind of a weird stalker. But that's okay, because he was in love! Right? Right.
So anyways, one day he decided to make a move on Hermione-cake. "Hai der i has ben watchin u ferevar so can u dat me plz?" He said to her. He didn't know how to talk that well, since he always just used a special cake language. But he figured Hermione-cake didn't know said language, since she used to be a human. "BOO HOO HOO!" She cried. "I am just soooo sad that I am a cake and stuff but so are you, so maybe we should have beautiful cupcake babies before we get.." But before she could finish, a hand swooped in and grabbed her and Herman. And ate them. The End.

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The little cake who loved Empty Re: The little cake who loved

Post by Alina_Mau on Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:10 pm

There once was a sponge

This was a green sponge, with a scruby back that had flowers of white on it. This young sponge was strong, reliable, and always got the job done. Of all the plates, bowls, cups, and silverwere the sponge ever met, he only ever loved one, the Cake Plate.

The cake plate was a sad creature, continually seeing love gained and lost, time and time again. Never finding love herself, the sponge longed to comfort her, and did the only way he knew how, he cleaned that cake plate with love.

Over time the cake plate acknowledged and accepted the sponges love, even coming to return his love.

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The little cake who loved Empty Re: The little cake who loved

Post by champeo on Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:37 pm


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The little cake who loved Empty Re: The little cake who loved

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