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Post by Alina_Mau on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:06 am

Breathing hard I slam the door behind me. I could hear him coming, I knew I shouldn't have come downstairs. He was always a violent drunk but he had never come after me before. I locked the door to my room which was, unfortunatly, in the attic. My only escape route was out a window terrace that no longer had a fire escape. Looking around the room, I can hear him screaming at me as he get closer to the door, profanities cluttering his speech, I barely can tell what he's saying. Shaking and fear beginning to take my sense I quickly make my way out the window onto the terrace, my only choice. Looking for any possible escape, I hear the rusted bolts beginning to free themselves under my weight. I knew the house was old but I hadn't expected it to be this bad. I now knew I was going to die, either by his hands or a fall from a four story building. Looking for any possible foot hold gust of wind flows through my hair, though I'm too distracted to notice. It's not till a soft, black feather falls past my face that I look up.

A large, dark, winged, male figure stands above me on top of the roof. My mouth falls open but no words come out, it's him. The banging of my foster fathers drunken attempts to enter my locked room snaps me out of my daze and the masked figure looms forward from his perch.

"Troubles?", the voice speaks calmly.

"T-that would understatement", I glance towards the window I'm hiding from, as the sound of breaking wood can be heard.

"YOU STUPID BITCH, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!", he screams as he starts to tear apart my room.

"Would you like some help?", the calm voice redirects my panic but I've lost all rational thought and I step back against the weak railing.

"P-please-", tears began to swell in my eyes as I choke out my last word, The window was thrown open and the angry, drunken man began pulling himself through the undersized opening, towards me. Loudly the rusted metal terrace creaked and gave away at this added weight and we began to fall.

"I don't want to die", I barely whisper and the tears stream down my face. I can barely hear John's words and screaming now that we're both falling. Weak and hopeless I let myself go, not a sound, not a twitch, quietly I simply close my eyes.

Arms wrap around me and I feel a surreal shock of being caught. Opening my eyes I look to see my masked savior. Quickly, he brings me to the roof where he stood and holds me tightly as the sickly crunch of johns body can be heard, causing me to flinch. I begin to panic, what am I going to do? Where will I go? I don't want to move again, I don't want to be left with one more person who will hurt me. My tears return as these thoughts set in and overwhelm me.

"you should come with me, it will be less work for me to keep an eye on you", his words had attempted to sound bitter and annoyed but his tone was soft, refusing to disguise his concern.

Shaking and wordless I simply wrap my arms around his waist and allow myself to cry. I can feel his wings encase us as the wind begins to blow, gently tickling my ears I begin to laugh. I gently push them away and look up to his face to find him looking serious and nervous.

"You should gather your things, we should be leaving before someone finds him"

"Oh, of course"

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