Mad Libs with Mara and Co.

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Mad Libs with Mara and Co.  Empty Mad Libs with Mara and Co.

Post by Mara on Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:57 pm

One squishy day, Bob The Rock woke up early. Looking out of his window, Bob exclaimed, 'Wow! That cloud looks just like a(n) tree. Oh look, here comes my friend, Jamsion The Poop, running shockingly down the road!'
Jamson, a(n) slimey, young poop had some important news for Bob. As Bob answered the door, Jamison said, 'Bob, my good, Mordetwi, today is the second annual Spellathon! There will be glittery words like poopy, honey booboo, and fish!' Bob hurried and jiggled dumbly down to the King's Castle to face the spikey competition.

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Mad Libs with Mara and Co.  Empty Re: Mad Libs with Mara and Co.

Post by Alina_Mau on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:17 pm

Jake's not your average, run-of-the-penis bulldog. Nope, he's got shiny Powers! He was probably born with them, but Jake thinks he got them from fucking in a magic mud puddle. The powers let Jake shape-shift into all sorts of things. If he needs to hide, he can shrink himself down to fit inside Finn's front shirt condamn. Or if Finn is in a sticky feather, Jake can inflate over 69 times his regular size and help him out. Sometimes Jake's powers don't jump that well. To unlock a door, Jake can turn his hand into the shape of a star . . . but it usually doesn't fit. Once, Jake and Finn were stuck in BMO's video game and needed to suck a pit. Jake was able to stretch his breasts to safety. Fuck ya, right? Then there was the time Jake stretched himself too excitedly while in a maze and almost kicked Morgan Freeman. Mostly, he uses his powers to make Finn titfuck really hard!

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