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Murgle flurgen. (Name not official) Empty Murgle flurgen. (Name not official)

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Introduction A
A hundred years ago, there thrived a society of traveling merchants. Very much unlike the barterers you come by today, these traders dealt in goods that were said to be from another realm. Dreams, nightmares, and the creatures that escaped your mind at the precise moment night becomes day; the Dream Tamers kept our lives peaceful by containing them.
That is until the Emperor of our once harmonious land enforced absurd legislation keeping the Dream Tamers from selling and buying commodities that were not tangible. Rumours spread like wild fire, placing the blame on a man posing as a Dream Tamer. He was hired to save the life of the Emperor's eldest son but failed when the boy was snatched away by one of the creeps birthed by the tormenting delusions that swam about the mind of the Emperor himself! But of course, the truth was never revealed.
In the years that followed, most Dream Tamers abandoned their whimsical accoutrements for more mundane wares, or formed small groups and settled into a life of farming. And now a hundred years later, only the elders of these communities remember these unspoken tales.

Our story begins on the swampy mountain roads that connect two of these villages. A woman and a boy, two people who are very much different and yet very much alike.


My name is Kousa and I'm a sixteen year old orphan. Or should I say I used to be an orphan until Ashen agreed to take me as her apprentice. Ashen is the last of her kind, of the Dream Tamers. You may have heard the elders of your village, whispering amongst themselves of the "old days" when Dream Tamers roamed the lands. It's been thought by all old enough to remember those days that the Dream Tamers had all died out or given up. But they are quite mistaken.

Ashen once told me she found me one rainy spring day, just a young child covered in mud. Crying and looking very lost, huddled next to the stone embodiment of a god whose name was long ago worn away. I've come to understand it was very much against Ashen's personality to feel so much empathy that she involved herself in another person's life. I have no recollection of the days before or the months preceding her finding me, but I accept Ashen's theory that I was abandoned by a couple who'd become too poor to provide for their offspring.

Of the time I can remember being with Ashen, the days are usually peaceful. That is until we get word of Imperial guards in the area. Not many people know what Ashen's sells, but those who do make sure she is well aware of any danger to her profession. There has been numerous times we've had to hide in the bushes on the side of a road, or get cozy with mud-covered swine just to escape the guards.
Some nights as we've sat by the fire, Ashen has told me of the unlucky Dream Tamers who were "subdued" while the Imperial guards ripped open their sacks and crates. Of course the goal of these so called "inspections" was to destroy the precious objects so the poor Dream Tamer could no longer sell what they had.
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