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Post by Alina_Mau on Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:35 pm

Fire and Ice

~~~A story about~~~
Fire and Ice 14614677&trans=1Fire and Ice 15609283&trans=1
Flash Frost ~~~ and ~~~ Heat Wave,
royal brothers with hateful reputations.


Fire and Ice 16937544&trans=1
the girl who learned who they really were. much....the pain....why....where am I?

Opening her eyes the young she-wolf tried to study her surroundings. With her head aching and her eyes fogged she tried to get up only to collapse back down to the rough stone floor she lay on. Looking down at her striped paws, she realizes she has been bound in a green rope and tied to the wall.

"Where am I?" she said with a desperate hope that someone, anyone, may respond. All she heard is the screeching laughter of several bats up in the rafters.

A door on the other side of the room creaked open, letting light in with it. The flow of sudden voices sent her head into a spin and she lay her head down on the rough cold floor. A wolf walks in with a light in his mouth and as she looks harder she realizes his eyes are blazing red. His body looked like red light was glowing from behind the smothering black swirls, all laid out on a muscular body of impeccable white fur.

"Get up." he said bluntly with an edge of agitation.

"Please, where am I?" she pleaded.

"I said get up." he snarled, hatered overflowing from his eyes, his expression threatening to hurt her fragile frame.

The young girl tried to push herself off the floor a second time, with more success than last, she finally stood swaying to and fro from the weakness that wracked her body. The hateful wolf scoffed at her weakness then set the light up on a hook and looked the girl over critically, occasionally telling her to turn or lift her arms.

"What do you think?" He said, still looking her over.

"wha-" she began to say, as a sudden voice cuts her off. A small fox emerges behind the wolf with a light of his own.

"A bit scrawny for your kind but then again your brother has always had....unique taste." The fox sneared as he looked up at her and laughed at the fear laying in her large, round eyes. "He should have fun with her anyway eh, Heat Wave?"

Heat Wave laughed, a deep near maniacal laugh, sending shivers through the girls body.

"My brother doesn't know how to have fun." He leaned in close and gave the girl a look that made her golden eyes well up with tears.
"but you're right, she should be interesting enough for him."

Grabbing the light, they both sauntered off, slamming the door behind them. Now she knew where she was. She was in a cell of a castle. The castle owned by the Elemental brothers, the twin princes rumored to be so cruel, so evil, they murdered their own father. The girl, now guessing her fate, collapsed onto the floor and curled into the corner of the dark cell. Shivering and on the brink of tears she whispered her name, as she believed it would be the last time she would hear it said in anything other than hatred again.

"Elindria", she whispered with a quivering voice.

Above her all she could hear were the bats, screeching their laughter down upon her as she started to cry herself to sleep.

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