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Post by Alina_Mau on Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:12 pm

The smell of deep fried foods and dust still hung in the air as the last few fair goers left the park, the sun had set and as the gates closed one by one the lights shut down, stall after stall, tent after tent. The darkness hung for a moment, the staff finding their way out to the nearest bar or other establishment of choice. The murmurs fade in the distance and the darkness is sliced by two orbs of light, one green and one blue.The light blinked slightly before they made their way to a small tent towards the middle of the fairgrounds, slight hissing of steam and the creaking of metal joints could be heard as the creature moved. The drop of a coin could be heard and the folds of the tent pull open slowly, lights popping on loudly lighting up the small tent. The now revealed Automaton is no other than Rabbit, one of three male robots that sing for the fair, though their stage resides on the other side of the park.

Rabbit makes his way into the tent, quietly taking a seat in the front row, the display in front of him a small stage. The stage is adorned in small fake flowers, yellows and whites, framing out a petite dancing robot, a single foot mounted to a metal base. The body of the robot is gold and her dress is yellow with thick black bands giving her the appearance of a bee, the theme carried through with her stained glass wings mounted to her back. Rabbit lets out a slight spark as a sweet yet melancholy tune starts to chime through the air and, with jerky movements, the dancers wings begin to move. Like a flower blooming her limbs begin to move one by one till her joints seemingly loosen and she begins her dance. Her face is solemn her eyes never open yet she dances as though she is without restraints or even weight, her movements fluid as she dances in time to the familiar melody as she has a hundred times before. The music winds down and so does it's dancer, returning to the same position, as though she never moved at all. Rabbit, never moving for the whole performance, eyes locked on her form, stays seated and listens as the lights one by one go out, a sad smile on his face. Tonight was different though, of all the lights one remained, diligent, resistant, willful even. Returning his eyes to the dancers form her back lit silhouette remains unchanged yet a strange energy hung in the air, different from all the other nights he had come to watch her dance.

You've returned, a voice drifted through the air, soft, sweet, but not human can speak? rabbit whispered into the night

no...well not usually, you create an essence, one that I can feel, it brings life to me

Me? Rabbit thought of the blue matter that surged through his metal body

Tell me, what is your name? the dancer reaches out a hand towards Rabbit, her eyes still ever closed

Rabbit's the name my lady, gently taking the golden bots slender hand in his he gently kissed her hand, another spark flying off in the darkness

a light musical giggle erupted from the bot, a sweet smile finally gracing her still face

Rabbit....It's cute, a fit of giggles erupting from the bot again

Well what's your name? demanded rabbit, slightly peeved from her laughter over his very dapper name

The question hung heavily in the air and her smile quickly faded

They call me the dancing girl or the bee bot, I have no true name. the truth seemed to pain the petite automaton, wrapping her arms around herself she seemed to shrink away from Rabbit.

Oh...well...that's no fun

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Post by Shinya on Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:02 am

I like your writing style ally!! Very Happy

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